Business Opportunities

For some years now Uruguay has experienced a significant growth in its economy and foreign investment levels. It is expected that this trend will continue in the coming years, especially in the areas of infrastructure, transportation, energy and agriculture.

In this context, our Firm seeks to put its local and overseas clients in touch, channeling the business opportunities offered by our country.

OLIVERA Abogados advises foreign clients on business and investment opportunities in Uruguay, assisting them to understand the local legislation and business environment and helping them to establish their business in Uruguay, implement investment projects, acquire companies, and participate in bidding procedures and public calls, among others.

Additionally, the Firm offers its local clients assistance in the offering of business and investment opportunities at both the local and overseas levels, for the obtainment of funding, the attraction of investors, the sale of companies and other transactions.

For that purpose, OLIVERA Abogados has a wide network of contacts and relations with foreign firms worldwide.