Financial Structuring and Fiduciary Services

OLIVERA Abogados has ample experience in designing legal-financial structures for channeling and attracting project funding, corporate restructuring and business organization, under modes which include asset securitization and the employment of fiduciary structures (whether public and private offering financial trusts, administration trusts or guarantee trusts) applied to both the public and private sectors.

The Department of Financial Structuring has an interdisciplinary team which combines traditional legal services and the technical advice of the most prominent professionals in the areas of economy and finance.

Our Firm can provide its clients with advisory for finding creative and sophisticated solutions in accordance to their needs and for organizing and funding specific relevant projects or attending to the funding and working capital needs of their normal course of business.

The Firm has taken part in most of the issuances of public securities in Uruguay in the last 20 years, assisting the issuers, trustees, representatives, risk rating agencies and institutional investors. Thus, it is conversant with the needs, interests and risk management of the different actors in a financial restructuring, a knowledge that is applied to each specific product.

As a consequence of the experience acquired in recent years, and in order to fulfill the needs of those of our clients that seek a comprehensive structured financing assistance and advisory service, the Firm has created MFP (Management Fiduciario y Profesional S.A.), through which trust management services are offered.

As a trustee, MFP currently provides services of administration and management of all kinds of assets in the form of real estate, management and guarantee trusts, etc.

The Firm is registered as a Financial Structurer in the Registry of the “Bolsa de Valores de Montevideo” (Montevideo Stock Exchange).